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When it heals right … it’s SkinStitch medical adhesive! SkinStitch has been leaving LESS of a mark on patients for more than 20 years.

A Superior Patient Experience

At SS Medical Products,

Skin Stitch

: intrusive and painful scars. When used properly, skin stitching and SkinSeal medical adhesive DRAMATICALLY reduces scarring, SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the risk of infection, and MINIMIZES patient anxiety over standard medical sutures.
Our professional medical grade products are trusted the world over by tens of thousands of health care practitioners.

A Wide Range of Products
SS Medical Products provides a lot more than our industry medical adhesive. SS Medical Products supplies a wide range of medical devices and tools specifically designed to enhance your skills as a professional.
SS Medical products has introduced SKIN STAPLERS, DERMAL CURETTES, EAR CURETTES, BIOPSY PUNCHES, LIQUID STITCH FOR SKIN and MORE to our catalog of medical devices and tools. And we’re always expanding and growing in the products and services we offer. Our goal as SS Medical Products is to provide a superior experience to both our medical industry customers and their patients.

Medical Skin Adhesive, SkinStitch

Medical Skin Adhesive, SkinStitch

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We’ve sold more than a half million units of Medical Skin Adhesive worldwide
Trusted by thousands of medical professionals
A sterile product specifically designed for human use.

Why Choose Skin Stitch and SkinSeal Medical Adhesive?

SS Medical Products hits on 6 major points:

Sterile Single-Patient Device

Our single use devices, such as medical adhesives, skin staplers, dermal curettes, ear curettes and biopsy punches provide peace of mind to both practitioner and patient that there will be no cross-contamination due to prior use.

Expert Design

All products provided by SS Medical Products have endured rigorous testing by medical experts. For instance, our unique “hockey-stick” applicator design for SkinStitch helped to revolutionize the application process for medical skin adhesive.

Familiar Products

SS Medical Products works to make all of products standard and uniform so they will easily integrate with your current workflow. This means your practitioners will be using devices that feature a familiar look and feel and minimizes costly training.

Complimentary Products

SS Medical Products provides a wide range of products that work great together. Everything from product style and packaging are uniquely designed to make your workflow easier.

Precision Control

SS Medical Products are designed to enhance the skills of medical professionals. Our philosophy is to provide medical devices that compliment your unique skill-set as a medical professional.

Impressive Value

SS Medical Products believes the best products and superior service should be a standard feature of everything we sell … and it should come at a great VALUE! We’re your best source to save time AND money for your facility.

What Makes SS Medical Products Your Ideal Partner?

A History of Quality Service

SS Medical Products has produced world-renowned products such as SkinStitch and SkinSeal for more than 20 years. For many health care professionals it is their TOP CHOICE in medical skin adhesive.

We Only Provide the BEST medical products

We don’t want to waste your time with inferior products. We work hard to distribute only the highest caliber of medical devices.

FDA Certified Products

We only put our products on the market once they have received the approval of all relevnt governing bodies like the FDA and CE.

Believe What Our Customers Say, Not Us!

have used many different medical adhesives for skin wounds that are capable of providing healing, but the most effective one by far is given by Skin Stitch. It does an excellent job of holding skin together, and is easily removed in case you want to. It has almost zero side effects, including a long shell life span and the low tendency to cause irritation around the wound. It is definitely recommended for use when you want your wound to be healed as soon as possible, but make sure you do not use them around the eyes

Isla Willson

I've been a customer of this company for years and have already gotten the medical stapler that I wanted for professional usage. I chose their services because firstly they do not deliver their products late and secondly their medical experts know what they are manufacturing

Harry Cruise