When it heals right … it's SkinStitch!

SkinStitch has been leaving LESS of a mark on patients for more than 20 years!

At SkinStitch, we measure our success on what we DON'T leave behind!

Our world-class medical skin adhesive is just the tool you need to leave a lasting impression on your patients … not a mark!

Be remembered for what you DON'T leave behind! When used properly, our medical adhesive DRAMATICALLY reduces scarring for your patients. SkinStitch Medical Adhesive also reduces the ANXIETY your patients experience with standard sutures.
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SkinStitch Medical Skin Adhesive leaves no residue or harmful toxic components on your patients. It's the perfect liquid stitch for skin

Our n-butyl adhesive is essentially inert once dry and degrades slowly over several days to insure a strong, cohesive healing process for your patients injury.

Easy to Manipulate

SkinStitch Medical Skin Adhesive makes the most of your medical expertise. Our patented "hockey-stick" design allows you ultimate control during the application process.

Our high quality adhesive interacts immediately with the tissue to form a strong, painless bond for your patient.

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