Skin Stapler: Its Features and Advantages

Skin stapler is a sterile single patient use, mechanical instrument designed to deliver precise rectangular shape stainless steel staple for routine wound closure, it is typically used at end of surgical procedure.  It has 35 pins which are Medical grade 316L Stainless steel and forms precise rectangular shape staple formation. The Skin Stapler has wider crown length and increased leg length which gives outstanding performance across wider skin wounds.

It is used for skin closing in the operating room and emergency room. With this device, the operator can shorten the suturing time. Whenever the handle is squeezed the staple is placed one by one. The staple penetrates the skin first and then formed. Because it is disposable, the user just peels out the package to use and should not reuse it.

  • Autoclavable handle
  • Improves patient safety by considerably reducing surgery and anesthesia time
  • Angled tip design helps you maintain a clear view of the incision line at all times
  • Lightweight but durable with a comfortable ergonomic grip design
  • Simple to use — simple to reload
  • Designed to reduce problems with rotated staples

Skin Stapler Design:

The handle design is characterized by good texture for a user-friendly experience. It has a larger diameter wire, greater width, and extra staple height leading to secure wound closure. Outstanding performance across wider skin wounds

Skin Stapler is USFDA approved and CE marked which gives the surety of consistent quality and standard.


  • It has multiple many advantages over suture for wound closure such as:
  • Saves Time for wound closure
  • Easy to use for nurses and doctors
  • Lesser Trauma to the patients
  • Easy extraction of Staple pins from patients
  • Better cosmetic effect


Skin Stapler is intended to be used a single time only. If it is used multiple times it may lead to cross-contamination / Infection, Hence it is a single patient disposable skin Stapler. It is typically used at the end of a surgical procedure for routine wound closure.

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