February 2022

How To Choose a Temperature Scanner For Your Small Business

The COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly impacted how many small businesses operate day-to-day to keep their employees and customers safe and healthy. This includes taking all measures possible to stop the spread of the virus. 

As companies continue to bring workers back to the office and reopen their doors to customers, the use of temperature scanners to detect fever levels is becoming more and more popular amongst businesses of all sizes. How do you know which body temperature scanner to pick for your small business? We put together this guide to help you decide which one will be the most appropriate for you and your company’s needs. 

Why Does Your Small Business Need a Temperature Scanner?

The Center For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)  advises that the presence of a fever is one screening criterion for COVID-19. A person is considered to have a fever if their temperature reads 100.4 or higher. Many workplaces have adopted screening for fevers as a primary guideline for detecting and helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, along with asking employees about other symptoms they may have been experiencing (cough, shortness of breath, etc.). 

A temperature scanner allows workplaces to identify those who have a fever using a hands-free device before entering the business, giving everyone assurance and peace of mind walking through your doors.

How Do You Pick the Best Temperature Scanner for Your Small Business?

Trying to keep your small business running during a pandemic can be very stressful. However, buying the best temperature scanner is one essential measure you can take to help stop the spread of the virus and keep your employees and customers safe. 

Types of Temperature Scanners

The amount of traffic you get through your business on any given day will help narrow down what type of temperature scanner you should get. Thermal scanners have three different modes to measure human body temperature.

  • High Traffic Density Scanners: This scanner can analyze up to 4 people at one time, so it’s ideal for businesses with high traffic (schools, sporting events, amusement parks, etc.). If a fever is detected, the scanner will make a noise. 
  • Medium Traffic Density Scanners: These are used in places with traffic that’s not heavy but not low, like retail stores and restaurants. They do require manual operation, though they may also have automatic fever detection.
  • Low Traffic Density Scanners: The perfect option for most small businesses, low traffic density scanners are ideal for those with a small amount of traffic. They can be stationary or portable and are a cost-effective, efficient option. 

We recommend a low traffic density scanner, like the Infrared Facial Temperature Scanner to small businesses because of the smaller amount of traffic they tend to get. 

In addition to the amount of traffic your business usually gets, you will want to consider the following factors help you choose the best temperature scanner: 

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Temperature Scanner for Your Business 

Ease of Use 

As a small business owner, you have enough to worry about; a temperature scanner shouldn’t be one of them. Using a scanner as a screening device can be stressful to set up if you haven’t used one before. 

A scanning device should be easy to set up, use, and monitor. The H3 Plus comes with clear, simple directions that don’t require much time or effort to assemble. In just a few quick steps, your device will be ready to mount and start using. The best part is you can install this scanner on a stand, the wall or use the mini version for your desktop.

Be sure to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for setup to ensure the device is installed correctly and accurately. 

Accuracy of Temperature Scanner 

A body temperature scanner in your business is essential, especially now. When choosing a scanner for your small business, you need to make sure it’s reliable in consistently providing accurate temperatures all of the time. 

Look out for the margin of error on the device. You want a temperature scanner that measures human body temperature in real-time with a low margin of error. The temperature scanner should also trigger an alarm when a fever is detected.

With an error margin of ±0.2 °F, the K3 Monitor gives accurate temperatures efficiently and effectively. In addition, this lightweight scanner is easy to move, shuts off after sitting idle to save on power, and sounds an alarm when a high temperature is detected. 

Speed of Temperature Scanning Results 

Accuracy is important when choosing a scanning device for your business. But so is the amount of time it takes for that scanner to give results. You want to use a device that will produce an accurate reading in only a few seconds to help ensure you can easily and efficiently screen employees and customers as they walk in through your door.

When choosing a body temperature scanner, be sure you pick one that will give you dependable results in the shortest amount of time. 

Final Thoughts

As a small business, you need an efficient and cost-effective solution for scanning the temperatures of anyone who walks in your door to help screen for and stop the spread of COVID-19. For many small businesses, a wall-mounted device or stand-alone kiosk are both ideal solutions. Both help offer a hands-free, automated process that gets employees and customers in the door safely and offers much-needed peace of mind during a very uncertain time.

Our mission at Skindfense is always to provide our customers with reliable, high-quality products that help keep small businesses safe and healthy. We invite you to look at all the body temperature scanner options we offer and reach out for any questions.