November 2021

An Automatic Contact-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

We are always at a risk of getting exposed to harmful germs. And, most of the time, we feel nerfed after getting in contact with any. But how can one avoid these when there is always a chance to get infected with their prevalent existence in the environment?

There are hundreds of products that guarantee germ-free safety with their use, but are they really worth it? You can find both traditional sanitizers as well as advanced contactless sanitizer dispensers, and it becomes necessary to evaluate which one works best. 

Is washing hands or sanitizing manually enough?

Well, absolutely not, and especially not during a pandemic. We should always have something that does not require any sort of contact during usage. Thus, an automated contactless hand sanitizer dispenser always stands out and proves to be the perfect choice for health practitioners.

Various studies show a soap is capable of killing 90% of germs in a single wash; on the other hand, 99% of germs can be eliminated with an automated contactless sanitizer dispenser. It is clearly a better option, but many are still unaware of this safe alternative. 

Thus, here we are with this blog, where we will tell you how it works effectively on the terms and benefits of this advanced device.

No Unintentional Transmission

The “no-touch” feature in defense plus hand sanitizer restricts any unnecessary contact with any kind of dirty surface, which ultimately leads to minimizing the chances of any further transmission of germs. It is unlike a typical hand sanitizer or a soap that needs to be touched.

Healthy And Hygienic 

A contactless hand sanitizer dispenser automatically allows a hygienic and healthy practice. Because you are not directly in contact with the device, it ultimately helps avoid any sort of unhygienic mess. This automated device can quickly achieve clean and fast hand sanitization.

Optimal Usage 

Where a soap needs to be thoroughly rubbed, an automatic sanitization system comes with the liquid for even use. Further wastage of resources can be avoided when you incorporate this tool into your daily routine.

Durable With Easy Maintenance 

Automatic contactless hand sanitizers are frequently built of more lasting materials than the typical manual sanitizers. They usually suffer significantly less harm due to minor touch; yes, they require a bit more investment, but their long-term durability makes them worth every penny.

Furthermore, these contactless sanitizer dispensers are now constructed to be quite simple to use and maintain with the latest technologies. They require relatively little upkeep.

Spots That Are Well Suited For This Device:

  • At Entries Or Exits
  • Entries and exits are the most commonplace that are constantly at significant risk of spreading transmissions. So, it is very crucial that anyone coming or going out of your premise must have access to the defense plus hand sanitizer and face temperature scanner for 100% protection.

At Employee Desks

An employee spends most of his office time at his desk, exchanging documents, eating, or sharing food with colleagues. And if an employee with infected hands comes in contact with the other, the office would likely become the hotspot of virus transmission. Use an automated contactless sanitizer dispenser for easy and effective stoppage of infection.

In A Conference Room

Meeting rooms are usually packed with a massive number of people, and these occupants could be coming from different areas, due to which there are maximum chances of virus transmission. Make sure you properly deploy the contactless hand sanitizer dispenser at this spot at priority.


Elevators are a spot where avoiding contact can be a bit challenging. Its buttons are pressed and touched by everyone, and close standing makes it a more favorable spot for transmission. So it will be better if you use the automated sanitization system to control any risk of infection.

Find The Best Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser With These Points In Mind:

Make sure you use an alcohol-based contactless hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol. A more considerable amount of alcohol equates to better efficacy in most cases.

For the safest choice, use wall-mounted contactless sanitizer dispensers or auto hand sanitizer dispensers instead of manual hand sanitizer dispensers. 

Let’s Wrap Up

As a result, among the many contactless hand sanitizers, the best ones are touch-free because they give incredibly high levels of safety by keeping the users from coming into contact with the unit. Contactless hand sanitizer devices are now required at every residential or official premise because no company can afford to endanger their employees’ health.

Furthermore, because they may be positioned in several locations where hand-washing or sanitizing facilities are necessary, contactless sanitizer dispensers can efficiently combat the virus in a range of spaces.