July 2021

How Do Facial Recognition Temperature Scanners Work For Your Business?

Pandemic has dramatically changed the way we do most things. Where face masks were only a precaution for pollutant environments earlier, and sanitizers were just a choice, now they are more of a necessity. With the prevalence of COVID-19, the introduction of advanced technologies has been attributed to the safety and convenience of people while ensuring no contamination occurs by contact. 

As schools, colleges and workplaces have now been permitted to restart; there is a lot to implement in accordance with the pandemic prevention measure. Temperature scanners and contactless sanitizer dispensers stand out as no-to-be-left precautionary new norms. 

Amongst these, “facial recognition” temperature scanners have emerged as one of the superior technologies. As the term suggests, a facial temperature scanner reads your face to evaluate the identity as well as to measure the temperature of a person entering the premises. 
Let’s walk through some significant points that will help you understand how facial scanners work for your business. 

As schools and colleges are welcoming back their guests, businesses do not want to lag, and they are doing their best to adhere to the protocols and safety of their people. The utilization of the facial temperature scanner has been fruitful in terms of convenience, cost and safety. 

Contactless Temperature Screening 

Eliminating contact between people is a priority amongst all. What better way to do it than using a contactless face temperature scanner! 

If you are a large organization with a queuing crowd, their safety becomes the need of the hour. And in this case, this facial temperature scanner can be handy for you. On the other hand, if you are still sticking to a traditional thermometer, you need to reevaluate this as this might not be working for you.

Face temperature scanners foster thermal screening to prevent the transmission of the deadly virus among the employees. They are automatic and don’t require the involvement of your hands or stationing an employee, thus prioritizing safety. In contrast, a traditional thermometer can increase the chances of cross-contamination among people. 

Comfortable Screening Process

An infected person might show a higher temperature than others, and this needs to be identified when running a business with many people. You cannot afford to get everyone sick because of a single person. Hence, using a thermal scanner becomes urgent.  

A facial temperature scanner works efficiently in this case if compared to a traditional thermal scanner. With contactless screening, the technology has the caliber to detect the actual temperatures of the person and thus makes it easy to identify the ill person. When talking about a traditional handheld scanner, it often becomes uneasy for the person to undergo the infrared scanner pointed close to their forehead. This is eliminated while using a facial recognition temperature scanner. 

Cost-effective Precautionary Measure

The efficiency of traditional temperature scanners and face recognition temperature scanners can be effectively compared in a place with more crowds. Being efficient at recording temperatures of multiple people without any delay, the face temperature scanner proves to be cost-efficient as well. At the same time, the traditional scanner is not that efficient in terms of tackling a larger enterprise with numerous employees.

Instead of curbing the spread of the virus, the traditional method can ignite its spread without its contactless screening deficiency. 

Enhanced Data Collection 

The exceptional feature of the temperature face scanner, which can recognize a face, makes it easier for the organization to identify the person with the infection. This can facilitate pandemic prevention measures by screening people before they come in contact with other people. 

Once the screening is done, you have all the information fetched about the infected person. You can further use it to help the local health authority to keep a record for further isolating the person. 

Not only this – but screening all the employees and receiving accurate information can help you further strategize for precautionary measures such as planning for work for home or extending the sick leaves. 

To Conclude:

If you are among the businesses recommencing their business operations and welcoming back personnel to work from the office, you might need to consider a few best preventive measures to make the environment safer and more convenient. Using a facial temperature scanner can be advantageous in this case. 

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